Kinetronics SpeckGRABBER 702001-010

Code no: 702005

The SpeckGRABBER® removes individual particles of dust and dirt from sensitive surfaces without damaging them or leaving any residues on them. It therefore has a tip with high adhesive strength, which is brought into contact with the particles.

This technique is used for removing particles of dirt from camera sensors (respectively their glass covers), SRL mirrors, objectives and oculars, as well as films, slides, the glass from picture frames or other sensitive surfaces.

The tip can be cleaned with cleaning solutions, water or soap solutions without this having any impact on its adhesive strength.

Available versions:
SG:     SpeckGRABBER
SGP:   SpeckGRABBER Pro with rubber-coated handle.
SGK:   SpeckGRABBER Pro kit with SpeckGRABBER Pro handle, 
           three tips, cleaning solution and Panther anti-static cloth in 
           robust box.

 SG SpeckGRABBER 702 001
 SGP SpeckGRABBER Pro 702 002
 SGK SpeckGRABBER Pro Kit  702 005

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