Tiltall Leveling Bowl Adapter BG-100

Code no: 7068

Replaces the mounting plate of the TCH-364 and TCH-404 tripods and enables together with a leveling base a particularly convenient and fast horizontal alignment.

Code no.70647068
For leveling baseø 75 mm (3 in.)ø 100 mm (3.9 in.)
Inside diameter75 mm (3 in.)95 mm (3.7 in.)
Outside diameter96/85/70 mm  (3.8/3.2/2.8 in.)104/85/70 mm (4.1/3.3/2.8 in.)
Opening (at the bottom)ø 30,5 mm (1.2 in.)ø 40 mm (1.6 in.)
Height36 mm (1.4 in.)44 mm (1.7 in.)
Weight188 g (6.6 oz.)208 g (7.3 oz.)
Maximum load18 kg (39.7 lbs.)20 kg (44.1 lbs.)
Suitable for tripods7062/70637062/7063



7065 - Tiltall LV-34 Leveling Base

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